We are a New York City based women's owned fine Jewelry business. We bring couture Jewelry with unique cuts and settings. Our exclusive FARA collection features a Unique Patent cut Diamond/Gem with incredible sparkle.

At FARA Diamond, we believe that you should be able to own jewelry without compromising on quality or conscience.  Our mission is to create Jewelry that is unique along with being ethically sourced. We are focused on providing you with superior quality jewelry and exceptional service.

We follow the rigorous industry process of sourcing Conflict free Diamonds and Gemstones. 
Jewelry made with Love to be Treasured Forever!
About Patent Cut FARA Gem

The FARA gem is an octagon shape having star and step cut facets. It beautifully entwines the auspicious shapes of the eight pointed stars and the octagon to create a sparkling gem. 

Throughout time, the octagon shape has been a symbol representing regeneration, rebirth, and renewal. In Christianity, the octagon and the star octa-gram were religious symbols for rebirth and resurrection. The Octagon is considered as an auspicious shape in feng shui as it represents the eight areas of life and embodies heaven and earth.

The eight-pointed star has various meanings in different cultures. It represents the creation of the world in Egyptian culture and hope, balance, harmony in Northen-Europe. In Native American culture it symbolizes hope and guidance. The Slavic amulet Alatyr features an eight-pointed star symbolizing the development of life and movement.

The striking amalgamation of eight-pointed stars and the Octagon shape in the FARA gem stimulate creation, regeneration, hope and harmony as you Celebrate the Journey of Life


Light Performance test comparing a brilliant cut round diamond with the FARA cut Diamond

While the design of the facets is beautiful, the FARA cut is technically superior to a regular cut gem. When tested on a light performance test, the FARA Diamond performs Very High to High in sparkle, fire and brilliance. A regular cut gem comes up to medium on the same scale.
We invite you to own a gem that is not only Sparkling but also adds meaning to your jewelry!