At FARA Diamond, we believe that you should be able to own jewelry without compromising on quality or conscience.  Our mission is to create Jewelry that is unique along with being ethically and sustainably sourced.
We follow the rigorous industry process of sourcing Conflict free Diamonds and Gemstones. We strive to use recycled precious metal to diminish the negative impact of metal mining.
Precious metals can be recycled repeatedly without degrading their integrity. which means we don’t compromise quality or beauty to make sustainable jewelry.


Our Unique Design
We invite you to celebrate special moments of life with our unique, super sparkling Twin Star Cut Diamond /Gemstone Jewelry!
The FARA Collection features the Twin Star Patented Diamond/Gem Cut with eighty Star and Step cut facets. The placement of the facets and the proportions of the crown and pavilion bring out the most incredible sparkle and star design within the diamond/gemstone.
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While the design of the facets is beautiful, the Twin Star cut is technically superior to a regular cut gem. When tested on a light performance test, the Twin Star Diamond performs Very High to High in sparkle, fire and brilliance. A regular cut gem comes up to medium on the same scale.
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